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We understand that the modern worker generation has different needs, new expectations and a new vision of their work life. The perfect job isn’t about a title, a company name or a gross salary package anymore…

Societal evolution is a fact and companies must adapt, give more meaning, work/life balance, the opportunity to develop, learn, grow at your own rhythm and the rhythm of the company, but also a salary package that is more aligned with the reality and trends of our society.

This is the raison d’être of Working in Brussels!

And this is why we created a model that includes the co-living accommodation in the salary package of the people that we employ and that work to our clients for long term meaningful jobs. Just like a company car, but here it is a cool accommodation and a real life experience that we offer! Bye to the rent and charges, hello to sunset gin tonics and a happy savings account that grows every month! 😃 You got it? We are the unique “Job + Co-living” Belgian player!